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200 E. Daniels Rd.
Palatine, IL 60067

Incorporated: May 8, 1893

Weber Kettle First Produced:  1952

Founder: George A. Stephen Sr. (Deceased)

Ownership:  Privately held company

Key Personnel: 
Tom Koos, President and Chief Executive Officer
Michael J. Kempster Sr., Executive Vice President & CMO
Dale Wytiaz, President of the Americas

Kim Lefko, Executive Vice President of Marketing

Product Category:  Outdoor living products

Brands: Weber®, Weber® Q®

Description: Weber-Stephen Products LLC is the world's premier manufacturer of charcoal, gas and electric grills, grilling accessories and other outdoor room products. 

History:  Almost 60 years ago, after he became frustrated with the uneven and uncontrollable flame of open brazier grilling at his home in Mount Prospect, IL, determined backyard barbecuer George Stephen set out to build a better grill that would protect his precious steaks from the wind and possible downpours—while sealing in a tasty smoked flavor. At Weber Bros. Metal Works, where he was employed, Stephen ingeniously cut a metal buoy in half and fashioned a dome shaped grill with a rounded lid—and the classic original Weber® kettle grill was born. His invention quickly gained a loyal audience, and ultimately became a prominent symbol of Americana.

In the late1950s, Stephen bought out the Weber Bros. factory and became the sole owner, devoting all his professional time to manufacturing and selling the Weber® kettle.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Weber’s reputation grew beyond the Midwest as it became a nationally known brand with distribution in retail stores throughout the country.

In 1985, Weber introduced a revolutionary line of gas grills—known as the Genesis® grill. This line of gas grills transformed the market, offering consumers precise heat control without flare-ups.

2003 marked the introduction of the Weber® Q® portable gas grill. Its unique, futuristic design—one that nobody had quite seen before—combined with its powerful grilling wallop made it a huge success for the company.  There are now eight Weber Q® grills—gas and electric models and in a variety of portable and stationary cart designs.

 In March 2004, Weber-Stephen Products LLC acquired the Ducane trademark and began redesigning and distributing Ducane grills in the United States and Canada.

In 2005, Weber launched an e-commerce initiative to provide consumers with an alternative venue for purchasing replacement parts and certain accessories. Orders for a variety of replacement parts can be placed at®.

In 2007, the company unveiled the largest and most ambitious new product launch in its 54-year history by offering 14 new gas grills. While the superior Weber cooking system remained intact, the company introduced new aesthetic designs that were completely re-imagined from the wheels up with all stainless-steel looks, stunning curves, sleek lines, and some grills in bright colors. The Weber brand showcased entirely new models—four in its Summit® and eight in its Genesis® lines—and introduced a new line, the Spirit®, with two new grills. All are available in LP and natural gas models.

 In 2009, Weber-Stephen Products LLC introduced seven new grills—among them a new Weber Q®140 electric grill for consumers who have charcoal or gas restrictions, and a larger, 22-1/2” version of its popular Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker smoker.

2010 introduced the enhanced Weber® Spirit gas line including the Weber® Spirit® SP-310 and SP-320 gas grills.  These grills offer the most comprehensive luxury elements available in an entry level, full-size gas grill.  Also, the Weber® One-Touch Platinum grill and a restyled Weber® Performer® charcoal grill provided consumers with more features and top value at an affordable price in the charcoal family.  To round off the new outdoor product Weber introduced the wood-burning Weber® Fireplace. 

In 2011 Weber introduced the Summit® Grill Center with Social Area which offered a stainless steel "L" shaped outdoor grill.  The grill design was done as Weber reinvents the outdoor kitchen category and makes it within budgetary reach for grill owners.  Also, added was the Genesis® 330 models which include the consumer-favorite Weber's Sear Station.  Also the control knobs on all 2011 Genesis® models moved from the side to the front of the grill to increase workspace. 

Weber released its first free app for iPhone and iPod touch in August 2012.  The app provided instant access to a wide range of information from grill features, to grilling classes and much more. 

2013 brought more changes to the the Weber® grill line.  With many consumers faced with space constraints on their patios and decks, Weber introduced the Spirit® E-210 gas grill which features space-saving fold-down side tables.  The Performer® Silver charcoal grill features a classic Weber kettle set in a sturdy cart to provide a stable, handy workspace.  The heat-resistant Thermoset side table also folds down to provide additional storage options.  The Weber® Jumbo Joe® charcoal grill is an 18" charcoal grill which bridges the gap between the compact Smokey Joe charcoal grill and the One-Touch kettle. 





Weber Production: Weber grills, accessories, and other outdoor room products are designed and engineered in Palatine, Ill.

Distribution: Weber grills and accessories are available in select home centers, hardware stores, department stores, patio stores, and other retail outlets in the United States, Canada, and countries worldwide. Internationally, Weber products are distributed through two channels—Weber Stephen-Products LLC subsidiaries or importers. The company has several subsidiaries throughout Europe, Australia, Asia, and Mexico.

Weber Consumer Outreach: The Weber Grill-LineSM is a consumer grilling information hotline. The Grill-Line is staffed by a specially trained team of representatives who are skilled in addressing a wide variety of grilling subjects, including food preparation and product safety. Grill-Line callers receive grilling information, tips, recipes, and meal-planning ideas (1-800-GRILL-OUT®).
By visiting®, consumers can access grilling recipes, grilling tips and techniques, and Weber product information.  It also has an e-commerce site to order replacement parts and certain accessories.

Weber Gas Grills: Go-Anywhere®, Weber® Q®, Spirit®, Genesis®, and Summit®

Weber Charcoal Grills:  Go Anywhere®, Smokey Joe®, One-Touch®, Performer®

Ranch® kettle, and Smokey Mountain Cooker smoker

Accessories:  Weber Style professional-grade grilling tools and Weber Original all-purpose accessories

 Weber Cookbooks:  
- Weber’s Art of the Grill by Jamie Purviance (Tim Turner, photography)
- Weber's Big Book of Grilling by Jamie Purviance and Sandra S. McRae (Tim Turner,

- Weber's Real Grilling by Jamie Purviance (Tim Turner, photography)
- Weber’s Command of the Grill (Fundraiser for charities that support Marine families)
- Weber’s Charcoal Grilling: The art of cooking with live fire by Jamie Purviance (Tim

 Turner, photography)

- Weber’s Way to Grill by Jamie Purviance (Tim Turner, photography)

- Weber’s Time to Grill by Jamie Purviance (Tim Turner, photography)

- Weber Smoke by Jamie Purviance (Tim Turner, photography)



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